Monitis introduces Toolbar with Menus

To provide our users a better and easy-to-use navigation Monitis Team is introducing a new Toolbar, which is located at the top of the dashboard, above Tabs. The Toolbar includes the following menus:


Each of the menus in its turn includes several items, as you can see from the picture below:

Menu Items

As you can see the items in menus are grouped by specific functionality. The brief explanation of each Menu is the following:

New Monitor items – allow you to add different monitors to your dashboard

My Monitors items – allow you to see all your added monitors

New Report items – allow you to create new reports

My Reports items – allow you to see all your added reports

Notifications items – allow you to manage all your contacts

My Account items – allow you to manage your profile info and options

Tools items – allow you to create some supplementary modules

Help items – allow you to apply for different help possibilities

One of the items we want to highlight is the Show sidebar item in My Account menu, which allows you to close Sidebar located in the left part of your dashboard(which was the only mean to manage the dashboard before Toolbar).

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