Monitis Tomcat Monitor: Get end-to-end visibility of your Web and IT infrastructure

TomcatEverything we develop at Monitis is designed to eliminate complexity and provide easy end-to-end monitoring for our users.


That’s why we are happy to announce the recent release of our Tomcat monitor which you can try for FREE now.


With the Monitis Tomcat monitor you will add a new level of visibility into your web application stack and gain deeper insight into the overall performance that will assist you in the root cause analysis.


Try Monitis Tomcat monitor for FREE today and track the following metrics:

» Traffic processed by the Tomcat server
» Average response time, Server uptime, Error count and Response count
» Thread and memory usage metrics
» And more


For information on getting started, check out our  Monitis Support Site, or contact us.

Go to Add Monitor wizard and give a FREE try to this great new feature now!


Thanks again for choosing Monitis!
Your Monitis Team

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