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Monitis TalkInterview with Mikayel Vardanyan: Monitis CTO    

Mikayel Vardanyan is one of the original founders of Monitis, coming with a vision of co-creating a dynamic web monitoring tool and has been the CTO at Monitis since that point. He holds degrees in; Informatics and Applied Mathematics, has a Masters Computer and Information Science and holds a PHD in Computer Networks.


In the aggressive Marketplace of your business it must be difficult to stay ahead of your competition so we are curious what Monitis has done in the past year.


You are correct that it is a very aggressive and fluid market sector and thus we need to be constantly improving. I break this into two separate spheres; infrastructure to support our services and clients and new technology to bring new innovative services that will help our clients in their businesses. We currently have in excess of 130 servers deployed in 25 countries strategically selected around the globe for our monitoring nodes network. By the end of 2013 these numbers will increase further and will expand the monitoring node locations to at least 40 countries. We are also always expanding our services and features so that we are continually either responding to customer needs or in an anticipation of upcoming needs based upon where we see the industry going. During the past year we redesigned our monitoring and performance dashboard, making it even more robust than it already was as well as making it easier for the user to use.  We also had multiple major releases in relation to our plug-in based architecture/platform making it more application/database/web server specific. It is a very “busy” industry and we pride ourselves on our quick response to needs and we basically have a new release or more on a weekly basis.


As the CTO what are you doing to assure your clients the best support possible?


Every service business in the world should always be looking at how they support their clients, minimize troubles and maximize performance. In this regard we are very much dedicated to our clients and are always looking for ways to streamline the process, optimize client communications, shorten response times and trouble clearing. To accomplish this we have taken numerous definitive steps; created a highly automated and client friendly interface for reporting issues, keep open a live chat line so clients can speak one on one with our support engineers to answer questions and clear troubles, maintain an open feedback channel in our dashboard for clients comments and queries, and have recently established a centralized Customer Support Center that is collocated with our developers. By centralizing in this way we have put in place a structure where our support engineers can immediately get tier 3 technical support direct from the product developers.


What is the largest challenge for Monitis?


I would say that our largest challenges are again broken into 2 separate areas.  As we develop services and features we need to always be very attentive to a wide array of compatibility issues. Not only are there many different browsers in the market but even a large number of versions of individual browsers and they are releasing new ones on a very aggressive schedule as they fight for market share. These aggressive releases across the market require us to be quick and nimble as we adjust to assure and maintain compatibility. It is an issue affecting all java script heavy web user applications.


In such an evolving and competitive sphere how does Monitis differentiate itself from the competition?


Our main differentiation is our being a truly all in one solution for customers. With our plug-in nature, the customers’ ability to add independently developed open source custom monitors and the possibility to collect any kind of data and show this along with all of the existing Monitis functionality, a customer can truly get a totally encompassing monitoring system. Another area where Monitis clearly differentiates itself from the competition is in our customer centric approach that we continually review and improve. The customer is number one and we pride ourselves on treating them that way.

The network monitoring industry is still evolving and growing rapidly. While there are new players all the time there are but a few mature companies such as Monitis that will be here for the long haul.  As I have said a few times, the industry is evolving with new target markets and service needs, and our goal at Monitis is not to just be in these new areas but to be first.

We also differentiate ourselves by the unique team of dedicated professionals that work here.  Everyone from top to bottom helps drive us to new accomplishments, new products and ever improving results because of the sincere team attitude we embrace. Everyone’s ideas are not just listened to but they are embraced, massaged and considered. This way we don’t just have a team, we have a think tank of excited people having fun at what they do.


Has the global economic crisis had an impact on your business?


While the global economic crisis has had very large impacts on most industries and companies we have actually seen increased business because of this. As companies struggle to get the very best value proposition for everything they purchase we have been the recipient of increased business because we are that best value proposition in network monitoring. Clients have moved away from big, difficult to use and costly monitoring systems to the likes of Monitis. So when you combine our quality product, full feature set, speed and flexibility with our price we truly are a “best buy” service and our numbers show this as we have virtually doubled in clients over the past few years.