Monitis Talk: What 2014 Will Bring

Armen Khrimyan, Product Manager of Monitis, talks about his personal highlights of 2013 and unveils some of the 2014 features.


1. Monitis is an industry leading supplier of monitoring services and has had significant success. How does it feel to be part of this team?


The network/application monitoring arena is an ever evolving and fast changing one. Technology is growing and changing so fast it is a constant challenge to respond to the marketplace and to always be supplying a product that is matching client needs. Monitis has always been innovative, first demonstrating this when it decided to become the first cloud based monitoring company. We pride ourselves on not just responding to the market but also in leading it. We have a team of exceptional developers that are continually amazing me in their expertise and the ability to apply this to virtually any challenge we give them in developing new products. I feel very proud of what we do and of our contribution in bringing excellent products to our customers.



2. Monitis is continually releasing new and enhanced services and products. In 2013 what was the biggest features that was added, in your opinion. And more specifically, what was your personal favorite?


Well, there were many important releases throughout the year. I would definitely say that our “Shared Modules” feature was one of the most significant. With this feature you can embed monitors charts into third-party web pages, just like you do with YouTube videos. And the really cool part of this feature is that the monitor is “real time” and can be adjusted to different monitoring views by the person viewing it.


We also put significant efforts this year in the area of a whole series of UX improvements. We still have more work to do in this area but I feel very good that we have made very significant improvements and we know from positive feedback that the customers can feel the difference already.


During the year we also implemented a special new infrastructure that allows us to more quickly develop server/device and application monitors than ever before. With this we can respond in very fast timeframes to specific customer requests. I think that this positions us very well in the market as customers know that if they have special and unique needs we can respond to them and respond quickly.


During the 3rd quarter of the year we integrated the “User Voice” feature into our clients dashboards. This provided us with something we always want and need – user feedback to our products and equally important it gives our clients the ability to speak out to us on what they see future product development needs will be. I  am always encouraging all users to visit and leave their comments and opinions there or to vote for already existing proposals. This is great way to influence the product and the product management.


My personal favorites are “Offline Agent Alerts” and integration with “User Voice”.



3. What makes “Offline Agent Alerts” so special to you?


We developed this feature and were expecting a healthy customer take rate but I was quite surprised at how popular a feature it has become. We have received a lot of feedback on this feature with most requests for it to be expanded to include the added ability of notifying the customer when communication with the “offline” agent has been restored. This and other enhancements are already scheduled in our product development roadmap for 2014.



4. So 2014 is just around the corner. What features are you most excited about?


As we developed the roadmap for 2014 I was very pleased to see that we will be adding “RUM’ (Real User Monitoring). This feature will provide the user the full and deep insight into what the end-user experience is truly like. It will include a wealth of information, such as; what country the end-user is in, what is their specific average page load time, which pages are most visited, etc. In the same dashboard with uptime, server/device and application monitors it will provide a holistic, end-to-end monitoring solution.


5. And with 2013 coming to an end, what’s your new year’s resolution?


Well I would have to split this into two difference resolutions, one for work and one for me personally. As Monitis enters the New Year my resolution would be to make sure we continue to be a truly fast, wise, intuitive and fun company. My personal resolution, hmmm? Well since I am a rather serious technology person I am considering something along the lines of, “I would like to learn Android programming and develop several mobile applications by myself.”

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