Monitis Talk: HostingCon 2013

BiancaMonitis Talk: Interview with Bianca Belmont, Monitis Sales Representative
HostingCon 2013 was held in Austin, Texas this year and Monitis was very happy to be participating as a Gold Sponsor. Monitis was an active sponsor and the booth we had there attracted a lot of attention from the conference visitors. One of our seasoned Monitis Sales Representatives, Bianca Belmont, was manning the Monitis booth to present to visitors our services, capabilities and to answer their questions. This also provided her with an opportunity to discuss industry trends and both current and upcoming needs of customers first hand.


1.   The name of the trade show, HostingCon, is pretty self-explanatory. Every year, the hosting industry’s leaders convene at the conference with a very specific goal in mind – to network, learn and grow. What was Monitis’ main motive to be present and to even be a Gold Sponsor of the HostingCon ’13?


The main attendees of HostingCon’13 were web hosting and cloud service provider companies. Monitis saw this as a wonderful business opportunity to conclave with the industry leaders and to discuss with them directly where the industry is at today and more importantly where the service providers see the industry moving to. We were able to learn what their clients’ needs were, what services are most in demand and what their expectations are in regards to the services that will be provided during the next year or two. As Monitis prides itself on its cloud based monitoring services being able to address all client needs it is critical for us to always be interfacing with both clients and service providers so that we can be ready well in advance of upcoming demands.


2. What are the most interesting features Monitis offers to hosting companies?


Our monitoring options are very appealing to hosting companies as it allows them to not only monitor their own servers and websites, but also provide a monitoring solution to their clients. The hosting industry is growing on an incredibly fast pace, and being able to provide a monitoring solution with their service will certainly differentiate them from their competitors and will certainly enhance them in the market as a better value proposition.


While we offer clients a very broad spectrum of monitoring services and capabilities one of the features Monitis has that is very attractive to them is we provide an open API. This enables clients to further customize our service to match their unique and specific needs.


3. What value will the Monitis plug-in add to WHMCS customers?


There is one main value of adding the Monitis plug-in to WHCMS customers: simplify the life of our clients. This integration allows the automation of monitor setup and management for both hosting companies and their customers as well as allows them to have access to the data being monitored and its status on the same WHMCS admin panel. The plug-in will also allow the hosting companies to offer Monitis as a product add-on.


4. Lots of services are being moved to the cloud recently. How will this affect or change the hosting industry? What do you think is the most promising outlook in that matter?


Cloud hosting is an aggressively expanding hosting architecture that rewards customers using cloud based applications designed with ease of use and speed of deployment. Additionally, pricing is comparable to or cheaper than traditional shared hosting. Cloud hosting is virtually instantly scalable thus making it nearly impossible to hit any resource limits. Cloud hosting, especially with the major players, offers increased levels of redundancy than traditional single server setups. A clear indicator of the cloud based providers attractiveness and success in the market can be seen when you look at their stock performance. The future of the cloud seems to be as limitless as the sky. 


5.  What are the future plans Monitis has regarding specific to the Cloud Hosting Industry?


Our CEO and CTO, Hovhannes Avoyan and Mikayel Vardanyan, met with the executive teams of the leading cloud based companies and were able to open meaningful and detailed discourse that will allow us to partner along with them in the development and provisioning of new monitoring services that will keep us at the forefront of the monitoring industry. By doing this we our clients will be able to take full advantage of the cloud hosted options and rest assured that they will be able to dynamically and completely monitor this with ease and fluidity.



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