Monitis Starts Sending Alerts as “Tweets”

Monitis customers can get alerts also on their Twitter accounts.

Press Release

San Jose 15 June, 2009 Monitis Inc., a leading provider of affordable easy-to-use enterprise-class systems management software as a service, today released a new notification channel: tweets. Monitis has begun using Twitter, a “microblogging” website that is free to join, in order to alert users of network failures using the websites “tweets.” Monitis also uses e-mail, SMS, ICQ, googleTalk and Yahoo IM!, among other things, in order to provide users with up-to-the minute alerts. Following Monitis on Twitter has the added benefit of allowing a user to receive the alert to their Twitter page, their cell phone, their email, an RSS feed and much more.

If you are a tweet user and want to get Monitis alerts, all you need is to become a “follower” of Monitis Twitter page at Please remember to add your Twitter user name in Monitis order to establish yourself as a twitter contact. You’ll be asked to confirm your account, after which you’ll receive a notification as an  incoming twitter message. A history is also provided for Twitter users of all their alerts, so they can be examined later on. If you are a service provider you will also receive messages concerning any problems with the system. These messages can be made public immediately to your followers to keep them aware of any developing situations and to let them know the problem is being worked on by the provider.

About Monitis Performance Monitor

Monitis Performance Monitor is an industry leading comprehensive, affordable, scalable, fault and performance management platform.  Monitis Performance Monitor monitors, collects and analyzes information from websites, servers, routers, switches, VoIP devices, DNS, databases, processes and any other IP devices providing users with a comprehensive view of their system health.  Open sourced Monitis plug-in with powerful API’s allow users to extend Monitis powerful monitoring and management capabilities.  Users can be assured of always on reliable service as Monitis Performance Monitor is deployed across the world providing resilient service.

About Monitis

Monitis is a leading provider of affordable performance monitoring and management solution. More than 50,000 customers spanning small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and education institutions have chosen Monitis to reduce system downtime, improve IT administrator productivity, and reduce operational expenditure.  Monitis is radically changing system monitoring and management landscape by providing easy to use, affordable, flexible (deployment configurations include: shared, internal cloud and external cloud), and simple to manage SaaS performance monitoring and management solution. For more information, please visit

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