Monitis SaaS Customers Advantages

Monitis is the premier provider of Systems Monitoring Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). SaaS solution offers customers many advantages:

  • 1. Rapid instant application deployment.
  • 2. Enable high levels of user adoption, easy-to-use, quick learning.
  • 3. No capital expenses (capex), easy decision making and approval.
  • 4. Lower total cost of ownership (TCO). In case of multi-tenant application multiple users are sharing common infrastructure and software.
  • 5. Extensive features, functionality and configurability.
  • 6. Pay as you go, pay for what you use, easy plan upgrade.
  • 7. No server, no software setup.
  • 8. Secure, scalable and reliable delivery platform.
  • 9. Always the latest version of software.
  • 10. Innovative software with frequent updates.