Monitis Review in

Recently we saw review about Monitis in, which is probably one of the best Hosting Guides on the web, we copied the beginning of the review, the rest you can find on

Here it is:

“Keeping track of the status of your servers can be something that keeps you up worrying at night. With Monitis monitoring services however, you can rest assured that your servers, site traffic, rankings and overall performance are being tracked. IT monitoring is high on demand and whether you run a small e-shop or a multi-site empire, Monitis’ professional web monitoring and management services may be a useful addition to your toolbox. If anything, a simple way for you to monitor your web hosting provider. On the market since 2007, Monitis is already trusted by companies like Acer, BMW, Arizona State University and many more. With an easy sign up process and a devoted customer services team, choosing and setting up Monitis various service packages is fairly straight forward as well. Divided into two plans, Monitis services come with external monitoring, internal monitoring, transaction monitoring and traffic watches, each plan differing in volume.” Read More

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