Monitis Pioneers On-Demand Monitoring Services

December 18, 2008, San Jose – Monitis introduces a smarter approach to website and IT monitoring. Monitis Inc., a leading provider of end-to-end IT monitoring solutions, today announced the availability of new line of “on-demand” monitoring services that enable organizations to choose only the monitoring services that they need.  Each service, such as the Monitis SNMP monitoring service, is available for free in its basic form, with pay-based premium options.

Unlike traditional monitoring services, which usually require customers to purchase packages that monitor multiple systems, whether or not they are implemented, Monitis’ on-demand monitoring services enable customers to fully customize which services they need.  Customers can incrementally add new monitoring services as they bring new systems online.

“With our on-demand approach, customer chooses just what he needs and nothing more,” explained Hovhannes Avoyan, CEO of Monitis.  “For example, a customer might need website traffic and email monitoring for now, but as they grow, they will need server and desktop monitoring to make sure their operations remain reliable and on-line.  This approach grows as our customers grow, so we provide instant pain relief for immediate issues.”

The free services will provide unlimited number of monitors although the monitoring interval options will be limited while premium services can provide up to 1 min. monitoring intervals. The free version features will be enough for basic usage by individuals and small businesses, while premium option will be available for professional usage.

Current monitoring services available include newly launched SNMP monitoring at,  free web monitoring option, and 2 years old premium web monitoring