Monitis New Features May – June 2011


We’ve been working hard on new features between May and June 2011, so please take a look at what’s new at Monitis during that period.

To make things easier we changed our location permission approach. Before you had to explicitly specify our external locations to use and were bound to those locations. Now you specify only the maximal number of locations and are free to use and combine our external locations however you want.

ScreenShot008We launched a new free tool, Online Visual Traceroute, which will enable system administrators and webmasters to instantly and simultaneously trace the Internet routes from testing locations across the U.S., Europe and Asia to their networks’ servers. The information can be viewed in a graph or table as well as via Google Maps. The Monitis Online Visual Traceroute is available to all visitors at



ScreenShot006We added a capability to explicitly specify your time zone in the profile. Once you set it up, all time related information in the dashboard, reports, alerts, etc., will be in accordance with your specified time zone. This is especially helpful if you travel and your actual time zone differs from the default time zone settings in your browser or PC. The time zone can be set under Account>Profile.

ScreenShot007We redesigned our Plan Builder to make it cleaner, easier and more user-friendly. We hope the new design will provide better insight into Monitis functionality and pricing and will eventually help to make better informed decisions.

We were very busy with API improvements in May – June 2011. More than 20 new functions were added and many more were updated following customers’ requests to make API usage easy and intuitive. You can find our detailed API reference at
You can also find several useful articles on different scenarios of API usage in our blog. Here is a very short list:

Integrate Apache Monitoring into

Custom Monitors in Monitis with Python

Introduction to Perl interface for Monitis API

Monitoring files and directories with Monitis

Monitoring OS X with AppleScript and Monitis

Create Nagios Plugin Monitor on

To keep this message short we’ll close with a list of brief descriptions of other changes

Uptime values in management reports now show two decimal places

Performance reports show results from a best-performing location

Internal http and ping monitors were added to emails reports

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