New Monitis Dashboard: Feel free to fall in Love


free-website-monitoringCare about the performance of your website?  Then having a kick-butt website and application performance monitoring tool is not important, it’s mandatory.
Monitis delivers best-of-class monitoring services to many of the world’s highest profile businesses, which means we understand high-performance monitoring needs.  But we also work with thousands of small and medium-sized businesses who need the same performance, but with none of the complexity and headache that comes with most other monitoring solutions.
This is why we are proud to announce the launch of the most absurdly simple, incredibly intuitive, and deliciously slick monitoring dashboard ever created.  Welcome to the era of the Monitis Dashboard 2.0!
We’ve worked for nearly a year to develop this new dashboard, and here’s what makes it truly special:

  • New Menus
    Gone are the days with the 3 or 4 submenu levels. Now you can access the necessary tools with just a click or two. All tools are at your hands with a clear view of options
  • Better Charts
    Charts got even better, not only with a new fresh design, but also with the functionality to view specific date ranges vs outdated “daily” and “weekly” view.
    Charts are smoother now, allowing to see the exact dates and hours
    All module menus are now in one place, so you can easily access them from the chart module
  • Managing monitors
    Adding new monitors has become easier with the new dialog boxes and menus. Kiss the submenus goodbye.
    We have grouped different monitor types, so you can get where you want with just one click
  • Search!
    Yes, now you can search your entire dashboard: monitors, alerts, history
  • Fullscreen
    Now you can view your dashboard in fullscreen mode and have an even better visibility of your monitors and alerts
  • New monitors
    We have added two new built-in monitors to our dashboard: Bandwidth and I/O. (coming soon)
  • New Sidebar
    Now you have one sidebar for extra tools like sharing, going full screen, etc. No more service tray  in the bottom left corner of the screen. All controls are at hand.
  • New Help menu
    With the new help menu you can access livechat, FAQ, Support and feedback with just one click
  • More languages
    The new Monitis dashboard fully supports menus in German and Brazilian Portuguese.

And as if that weren’t all, we’ve got more on the way, including features like zoom-charts and more.  So welcome to a whole new era in Web and Cloud systems monitoring with Monitis’ new Dashboard 2.0! We’ll be covering the most important features in detail in our further posts, so stay tuned!


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