Monitis Monitoring Strategies- Start Small and Go Big! (Part 1)

Often times when implementing a monitoring solution where, and how to get started can be overwhelming.  It can be especially overwhelming with powerful tools, because you can truly monitor anything.   This series of articles will take a look at some strategies to implement monitoring into your company in a stepped approach, as well as how Monitis can make your life easier.

Overview:  Start Small and Go Big!


Getting started with some monitoring tools can be pretty risky and require an investment that you may not feel comfortable making.  You may find out too late that it does not meet all of your needs.  With Monitis and a stepped approach, there is little to no risk in getting started.  Monitis is “Month to Month” and you pay only for what you use.  Getting started takes only a few minutes, but where should you start?


The following illustrates a stepped approach starting with low cost, high value External Monitoring and moving to more advanced monitoring.  Keep in mind that you may not need all the steps, but it is good to know them as you may benefit from them in the future.

Whether you are an IT professional looking to monitor and manage your systems, or an IT Support company with multiple clients, using a stepped approach will allow you to implement a monitoring solutions that fits you.

Over the next five articles in this series will take a look at the specific technologies in Monitis that will allow you to implement each step.

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