Monitis Monitor Manager Installation Guide: Start Monitoring (almost) Everything!

Monitis Monitor Manager Installation Guide: Start Monitoring (almost) Everything!M3 and the previous version

We are really proud of  Monitis Monitor Manager (M3) a tool that enables you to  easily configure checks and upload the data to Monitis.

We are certain that it has a great potential that can be unleashed with the help of the Monitis community and various interested developers. It is really a powerful tool for monitoring nearly everything. M3 been around for a while now. It started as a simple Perl script for for managing Custom Monitors was developing slowly slowly into a robust, pluggable infrastructure for managing almost anything in terms of Custom Monitors in Monitis.

At first, the recommendation was to invoke M3 using crontab timers after checking it out from Github.
Later on timers were added, execution was separated into plugins, together with post-processing capabilities and many other plugins such as SSH/Telnet, URL fetching, JSON parsing and more.
However, M3 still stayed as something you should checkout from Github.
In the last development cycle – we’ve decided to formalize M3 as a Perl module together with packages for popular Linux distributions.

M3 packages

M3 was packaged a CPAN Perl module, both for DEB and RPM based distros.
The M3 Perl module provides the actual framework, plugins and sample configuration files, executable and init.d service.
The mentioned things are located in the following locations:

  1. /usr/bin/monitis-m3 – executable for invoking M3 with various CLI parameters
  2. /etc/init.d/m3 – M3 service
  3. /etc/m3.d/* – M3 configuration files
  4. /usr/share/doc/perl-MonitisMonitorManager/eg – sample example files

M3 RPM and DEB packages

We’ve decided to leave the installation instructions here and not in a blog article as they might change slightly while development goes forward.

CPAN Installation

A generic CPAN installation is available and described here as well.
However please note that the CPAN installation will not take care of the init.d service, but just for the executable (and anything needed to invoke it).

Future plans

Much more has to be documented in terms of M3. In the last development cycle many more nice features were added but are still undocumented. Expect many more articles.
We hope that you will make the effort of installing M3. Installation of M3 is organized but might consume time. However afterwards – you will be able to monitor anything and easily.

With M3 and Monitis anything can be monitored. Follow us on github and twitter.

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