Monitis Let’s You Save Money and Gives you more at the Same Time

Monitis is well known around the globe to IT specialists, service providers and business executives, as the all-in-one tool to monitor your IT systems. As a cloud based APM company we provide our customers with  a service that enables them to view a sharp intuitive dashboard that let’s them see whatever they want in their IT world in a glance. Whether it be Web apps, servers, networks, websites and more, it is all covered in the tools we give you.


But great APM companies like Monitis never sit on our laurels. We must constantly be evolving and bringing you more and more of what you need. Recently we have added: discount bundles for your SMS needs so you always have enough to get all your alerts and save money, increased our number of locations you can monitor from and enhanced our Alert History so that it shows much greater detail.




Receiving your Monitis alerts via SMS is efficient, easy and virtually instant. As soon as the thresholds you have set on your monitors are reached, we send you your alert so that you can quickly respond to whatever the issue is and thus avoid a delay in your tending to your mission critical IT responsibilities. To make this option even more attractive for you, we offer sizable discounts if your purchase bundles of SMS messages.


sms savings


Monitoring Locations


A standard feature of our monitoring service has always been that you can select from a growing list of global locations to monitor from. Today we have over 30 worldwide locations for you to select from. This way you can make sure that your far flung customers in locations as diverse as you can imagine can always get to you. Whether they be in the: USA, Brazil, Canada, Panama,  China, Hong Kong, Russia, UK, Sweden, Switzerland or Sweden (to name just a few), you can be assured that your IT and website are being tested and monitored from where you need.


digital world monitoring

Alert History


The Monitis Alert History is a great feature that lets you see not just that you had alerts, but it shows you the important components of; source, failure date and time, recovery date and time, duration, failure locations, cause and contacts. With Monitis, you will always be aware of your IT performance in virtually real time and with our Alert History feature you can look back over the past 30 days and see how your IT universe did.



Alert History


We are always working to bring you what you need to monitor and manage your IT world. We are continually improving the user experience, enhancing the services we offer and expanding to include more and more of what is important. Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available by subscribing to our blog and we will email you the latest news.


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