Monitis Launches Free Mobile Performance Monitoring Agent for Android-powered phones

Press Release

San Jose 5 Aug, 2009 Monitis Inc, a leading provider of enterprise-class systems management software as a service, released today a mobile availability and performance monitoring application called Monitis Mobile Monitoring Agent (MMMA) for Android-powered phones. This mobile monitoring agent is available free of charge, and will make it much easier and faster to find, diagnose, and resolve problems with mobile Web application availability and performance. The MMA allows the web content providers to see the levels of performance and availability that their end users will encounter.

The Mobile Agent from Monitis is autonomous software that users must download from the Android marketplace; it will come at no cost. Mobile Agent can diagnose problems with access to the Web on any mobile network or device once an IP address or URL is provided. It independently tests and monitors mobile content, applications, and services on different phone and networks worldwide, alerting users if difficulties are encountered. The user may request probes at regular intervals, and the Agent will get response times for HTTP requests to URLs that the user designates. This measurement and testing solution will allow mobile providers to compare their service to competitors’ in many different markets free of charge.

Android, initially developed by Google Inc., is a Linux-based software for mobile phones with inbuilt operating system, middleware and key applications. Till now, the only available Android phone in the US is G1, made by HTC Corp., Taiwan for T-Mobile. By the end of this year, many smart phones from Motorola Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., LG Electronics Inc. and others are expected to hit the US market.

The Monitis Mobile Agent is intended for use by infrastructure providers, wireless carriers and aggregators, and enterprise businesses. It will make it easier for these firms to establish and maintain standards of performance, to keep up with the competition. The Android agent is another instance of Monitis’ commitment to make sure its programs are easy to use and understand, provide all the features its users need, and come free or at a reasonable price. The goal is to make it easier for mobile providers to give their users the best possible experience.

“In the mobile world, establishing and maintaining the highest standards of service performance is of paramount importance in building and retaining customer loyalty,” said Hovhannes Avoyan, CEO of Monitis Inc. “Monitis Mobile Monitoring Agent delivers unmatched insight into the mobile performance issues and trends of the popular mobile data services that matter today and those that will drive revenue growth in the future.”

About Monitis Performance Monitor

Monitis Performance Monitor is an industry leading comprehensive, affordable, scalable, fault and performance management platform.  Monitis Performance Monitor monitors, collects and analyzes information from websites, servers, routers, switches, VoIP devices, DNS, databases, processes and any other IP devices providing users with a comprehensive view of their system health.  Open sourced Monitis plug-in with powerful API’s allow users to extend Monitis powerful monitoring and management capabilities. Users can be assured of always on reliable service as Monitis Performance Monitor is deployed across the world providing resilient service.

About Monitis

Monitis is a leading provider of affordable performance monitoring and management solution. More than 50,000 customers spanning small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and education institutions have chosen Monitis to reduce system downtime, improve IT administrator productivity, and reduce operational expenditure.  Monitis is radically changing system monitoring and management landscape by providing easy to use, affordable, flexible (deployment configurations include: shared, internal cloud and external cloud), and simple to manage SaaS performance monitoring and management solution. For more information, please visit