Monitis introduces 2 more new features: “String should NOT be present” and “Over SSL/TLS”

Monitis Team is expanding its features list by adding 2 more new features. We’ll go briefly through those features and also describe some usage scenarios, which can be applied to your needs.

So let’s start with “String should NOT be present” feature, which was requested by many of our users. It is an extension of our content matching feature, which was already available, but only with “String should be present” option. You can create your own scripts(probably PHP), which will return some values after checking databases, applications, etc. Afterwards you can set up a check for your script URL and also specify an error string with “String should NOT be present” option. This way whenever something goes wrong in your database or application you will get an alert (because an error string would be present). Otherwise you will get OK results.

The next feature we want to introduce is SSL/TLS, which will provide the possibility to check your servers requiring encryption using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)/TLS (Transport Layer Security). To enable this encryption you just need to select a protocol and check “Over SSL/TLS” option if it is enabled for your chosen protocol.

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