Monitis Integrated Web Load Tester – Protect Your Website and Business

Monitis Integrated Web Load Tester - Protect Your Website and BusinessIn our previous article we discussed the reintroduction of the integrated Monitis Web Load Tester and why it is so important to you. To properly maintain your sites performance on a day to day basis you should run this test on a set routine schedule and also prior to an anticipated surge in traffic. By doing this you make sure your site is running at optimal levels, increase revenues, protect your companies reputation, and protect capital and operational expenses. Today we will walk you through the detail of the test, what all of the data means and how to analyze this and achieve premium results.


In the examples below we have run a series of example tests so that you can see the reaction as we start to stress a website with increased traffic.


In this first test you will see that it has 100% performance in regards to completing the full page loads. We have set the test parameters at 20 simultaneous users from a single node.


Monitis Integrated Web Load Tester - Protect Your Website and Business


In the report below you can clearly see that the pages are building and the page build times in seconds. In this example, a small number of pages build in less than 2 seconds, some in 2 to 4 seconds and the largest number of page builds taking between 4 and 16 seconds.


web load tester report


In the table below you can see the nice steady bandwidth usage and throughput requests. This indicates that even though the pages may be building a bit slower there are no errors or failures.


protect your website and business


In the next series of tables we have run a second test on the same website but we have increased the quantity of simultaneous users from 20 to 50 and again from a single node. You will see in the first chart that all of the service requests are still completing but in the next two charts you will see that the Web Load Tester is accurately reflecting a pretty serious degradation in the users experience. If you compare the numbers in this test to the numbers in the first you will see that the average page build time has increased from 6.3 seconds up to 14.5 seconds. Customers will not tolerate this poor level of service for sure.


web load tester


In the first test (20 virtual users) the page build times were much quicker with some under 1 second, some in the 2 to 4 second time frame and the majority in the 4 to 16 second time frame. In the second test now using 50 simultaneous virtual users you can see that there are zero page builds under 2 seconds, a few in the 2 to 4 second range, a bit over 50% in the 8 to 16 second range and nearly 37% now taking over 16 seconds to complete a page build (the longest page build time in this test was an embarrassing 37.4 seconds!). This degradation in service and user experience is terrible and will lead to customers getting; frustrated, mad, annoyed and they will abandon your site.


Monitis Integrated Web Load Tester - Protect Your Website and Business


In the final table below you can see that the efficiency of bandwidth usage and throughput has been seriously compromised.  This chart clearly shows the impact of the increased traffic is severe and nearly consistent during the duration of the entire test.


Monitis Integrated Web Load Tester - Protect Your Website and Business


As is clear from the test, as well as common sense, is that every website has capacity and traffic limits and you want to make sure that your customers never experience a time when you have reached or exceeded these limits. As you saw in the reports above, the user experience degrades very fast once you have reached your sites limit. If this happens you for sure will not be pleased and neither will your users/customers. As clients attempt to visit and use your website they want a pleasant and fast experience. If you don’t provide them with that you have failed and you will be losing customers. Run the Web Load Tester on your site as an integral part of your routine maintenance and always run it prior to your expectation of a surge in traffic, no matter how short. By doing this you enhance your users experience, increase ecommerce sales, retain customers and enhance your company’s reputation in the marketplace. Protect your investment and your business, run Web Load Tester now.