Monitis: Changing How We Monitor!

It is no secret that there is a shift in how technology is being delivered.  Cloud, Hosted, and Virtual are all buzz words that are flooding our conversations, emails, and businesses.  While it is easy to ignore them, there is a concern in the monitoring world. Here a few questions that might have entered your mind:

  • Are we losing control?
  • Are all SaaS providers created equal?
  • What will my role be, now that our critical applications are moved to a hosted solution?

The answers to these questions are pretty simple:

  • You don’t have to
  • No they are not
  • It depends on you, but Monitis can help!

Let’s further examine these answers.

Q:  Are we losing control?  A:  You don’t have to.
As various applications move to a hosted environment, Websites/applications, Email, Backup Solutions, Business Applications, and even Servers, your approach to monitoring must change.  It has often been said, “IT professionals are only as good as his/her last backup?”  Products like Monitis can help you ensure that data transmission, uptime, and network impact are all managed for your hosted backup solution.  This simple diagram illustrates the shift in how we must think about monitoring:

New Monitoring Landscape

Q: Are all SaaS providers created equal? A: No they are not.
From hosted web space, to email providers, and private virtual clouds, not all providers are the same.  Because there is a well-known name brand, does not mean that they have experience in providing SaaS solutions.  Monitis can help ensure that you get the highest value for your investment from SaaS providers.  Monitis help measure, performance, Use-ability, and end-user experience of your SaaS solutions.

Q:  What will my role be, now that our critical applications are moved to a hosted solution? A:  It depends on you, but Monitis can help!
You control your own destiny.  Hosted/Cloud based solutions should not be looked at simply as a means of reducing your expenses, rather enabling you to “Do More with Less”.   Once you have moved a segment of your IT operations to a hosted solution, take the opportunity to dig deeper into the technology you still manage in house.  Monitis has powerful features that can allow you to monitor and measure anything.  Ever have a gut feeling about performance, or network utilization?  Ever think about tracking some data about your customers?  Now you not only have the time, but the tools like Monitis to help!

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