Monitis/Mayflower Capital AG Case Study

Here is a Monitis case study kindly provided by our customer:

Mayflower Capital AG is a German company that provides financial services to private clients. The company was founded in September 2007 and started operations in June 2008. Claiming ourselves as a Startup Company, today we operate more than 80 clients across 12 branch offices.

Our branch offices are located in main cities and connected via IPSEC-VPN service to the datacenter. Thereby, we were facing multiple challenges:

1. Monitoring the VPN-Connection between the datacenter and individual branch office. Merely, monitoring the Internet-access from the branch office does not meet the requirements, as the VPN-Tunnel may also be interrupted.
2. Finding the suitable strategy to monitor our Internet Systems.
3. How would we able to obtain information about the performance of our systems which implies application performance via Intranet and Internet.
4. How can we automate warning in the event of disruption or poor performance; which are the notification feeds to be used (Email, SMS, IM, Twitter).
5. Whether it is possible to evade the price of internal resources as it is not necessary to implement a system ourselves.
6. The solution should be adorable and low budget.
7. Need of a reliable service.

We examined several services in the web that assured to satisfy our needs. fits this requirement, because it has the ability to view both external tests and internal tests on a single graphical user interface for maximum efficiency.
We have now upgraded to Monitis which provides us with a poll interval of 5 minutes allowing us to view every VPN-Tunnel in our system in real time and determine if the telephone systems are available, watch the performance of our CRM-System, and obtain status information from our homepage. The feature most important to our system is the one that provides maximum confidence by quickly alarming us of incidents BEFORE being alerted by our users. With this system, users can be sure that we will know of and be prepared to handle each and every incident.”