Monitis Available on Zapier – Feel The Power of Integration

Monitis Available on Zapier - Feel The Power of IntegrationMonitis, the premier cloud based monitoring company, is happy to announce that it is now on Zapier and you have the capability to integrate Monitis with hundreds of other web apps to automate tasks. With the integration of Monitis with Zapier you can now have set tasks automatically completed quickly and free up even more of your precious time. With Monitis you get  monitoring for your; websites, servers, applications and more. This saves you time and money and helps streamline your daily IT and web operations while helping you make sure it is all running as efficiently as is possible.  By combining our tools with the abilities of Zapier you can smoothly connect to other web applications you have and make your life even easier and get rid of some of the boring and repetitious tasks that eat up too much of your time.


By carefully examining the options of Monitis and those of Zapier you can create a dynamic menu of automated tasks that match your business and operational needs. You can set up auto tasks that are triggered the moment you get an alert from Monitis. These subsequent tasks can include things such as;


1. Upon receipt of an alert you can have all of the detail of the alerts sent to a Google Doc so that you will now have a recorded archive of all alerts. This can assist you greatly in measuring the efficiency and quality of your services. It can also assist you in identifying repetitive troubles or in seeing certain trouble patterns.


2. Send the incoming alerts to Google calendar so that you record specific start and stop times within your own records. This will again help you measure quality of service but it can also highlight for you if certain troubles are happening along specific timelines. This might give you a quick indicator of troubles that are following some kind of repeating cycle on specific days or times.


3. You can have this integrated system set up so that upon receiving an alert the system automatically sends out an internal email to notify your team of the occurrence – and again when the alert is retired.


4. There is the option of setting up related triggers to tasks such as sending out auto alerts or emails to specific key accounts so that they are kept aware of service interruptions and restorations.


And the list could go on and on depending on your specific business needs and challenges. Being able to automate processes to interface directly and automatically to such platforms as; GMAIL, Twitter, trouble desks, and more could provide you with a very dynamic tool that will ease your daily workflows and improve the quality of your service.


Our goal is to supply you with the best monitoring service possible and to help you make your day easier. By combining Monitis premier services with the automation of Zapier we are confident that your IT life just got better and easier.