MONITIS Announces Streamlined Pricing Plan

Monitis is happy to announce the implementation of an updated pricing plan that will allow customers, existing and new, to more effectively manage their monitoring costs specific to their needs and to their growth. We have moved away from the traditional “prepackaged” pricing options and have moved forward with a “plan builder” that empowers you to create the unique plan that is now reflecting your specific needs.   Monitis recognizes that every customer is different AND SPECIAL and every customer should be able to pick and choose what monitoring capabilities they needs. This way you can build your own plan to suit you and it always includes all basic metrics (CPU, RAM, HDD, processes, services, etc.) for every server/device.


As a customer you will see no difference in your current billing and there is nothing you need to do. In the future if you want to add monitors to your dashboard the wizard, shown above, will walk you quickly through the process. If you do want to add something or upgrade, you simply enter the quantity of servers/devices that your monitors will be connected too. It is just that simple. You do the same as you define additional monitor types, such as; uptime, full page load, transaction, application and web traffic. You decide how many sms and call alerts you want and you decide how many sub accounts you need.  You, the customer, decide everything and thus create a package plan that is just yours and helps you keep costs down.


If you have any questions or need assistance please contact your sales representative or send us a quick note at and we will get back to you quickly to address any question or concern you might have.


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