Monitis Announces More VAR Features


Monitis, a leading provider of IT management and monitoring, launched Account Management module for managing multiple customer accounts and provide proactive IT monitoring and support to SMEs.

Monitis partner program for VARs now serving over 150 IT Service Providers from 40 countries allows delivering proactive IT monitoring and support services for small and mid-sized companies.   Monitis professional monitoring platform helps VARs to shift from re-active support to proactive monitoring, and gain significant returns and improve their clients’ IT performance and business productivity.

VAR features became available at Monitis this month, such as ability to create and manage multiple customer accounts, provide viewing privileges on every page and module to shared parties.  Accounts management module allows IT Service Providers to ensure transparency of service and effective reporting to its customers, escalation of various views and reports to different customers and groups.  Monitis VAR features support the creation of many customers each having own access to their monitoring results. VAR customers can access their IT monitoring live dashboard and view real time reports of their IT infrastructure performance.  Monitis Account Management features empower VARs and IT Service Providers for making their service comprehensible.

Additionally, Monitis online clients will also benefit from Account Management module.  It enables them to share certain monitoring results with other groups.  For example IT specialists (over 55% within Monitis customer base) can setup management dashboards for business managers and grant them a better control and awareness of their IT performance. 

About Monitis

Monitis, Inc. is a one-stop shop for an online presence.  As a leading provider of server, network, and web application monitoring services helps companies execute more effectively, Monitis also offers several hosting packages, free email, SLL, e-commerce as well as uptime, systems health monitoring and SEO services.  Monitis serves more than 25,000 service subscribers, monitors more than 130,000 hosts and performs over 20 million checks per day.

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