Monitis announces enhanced system health alerts and iPhone support







Monitis Inc, a leading provider of monitoring websites, servers, network and applications health and availability, announces iPhone support and important systems health monitoring enhancements for VARs and IT Service Providers. 

Monitis is a popular destination for Webmasters, VARs and SMEs, looking for a powerful, integrated and affordable remote monitoring solution. Monitis constantly enhances its products and services, offering software as a service (SaaS). Monitis monitoring combines a variety of system health and resource utilization checks with external availability monitoring, which differentiates Monitis among other web monitoring providers.

Monitis following its philosophy to be responsive to customers’ needs announces a new release which includes highly demanded features: iPhone support, improved systems health alerting, and a new payment system. The updated alerting includes more warning cases such as lost connection with remote server and critical resource usage, enabling proactive support to prevent possible outages. The frequencies of health checks on memory, CPU, storage and processes are regulated remotely via web without need of physical server access.

Health monitors and availability reports are now accessible from Apple iPhones (Windows Mobile interface is already available).  The iPhone optimized Monitis interface allows an immediate access to the reports from anywhere, as well as remote service management. Due to increased popularity of iPhones, IT specialists will gain mobility and will deliver a better uptime to their clients.

Finally, in order to ease the payment process for corporate users, in addition to PayPal, Monitis now supports payments through all major payment systems such as Visa, Mastercard. American Express, FXSource, Paylater, Digital Check, and Diners Club.

About Monitis

Monitis is a leading company monitoring servers, networks, and web applications. Companies use Monitis’ website performance monitoring to gain competitive advantage through efficient business execution, quality user experience and nonstop operations. Monitis checks and measures IT performance metrics globally and locally 24×7. The company serves more than 23,000 service subscribers and monitors more than 130,000 hosts, performed almost 20 million checks per day.

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