Monitis Announces Email Round Trip Monitoring


Monitis is proud to announce the addition of “Email Round Trip” monitoring to their suite of executive application monitoring services. Once this new monitor is setup and on your dashboard, you will be able to monitor the end to end performance of your mail service. You will see how long a mail process takes, if there are delays or is totally unsuccessful and you will be alerted of all failures.


Today’s world relies more and more on the digital communications we all use everyday. We send off sms’, we jump into chats and we email.  Oh boy do we email. The average day will see 144.8 billion emails sent! And like most everything else in our day, we take all of this for granted. We hit the send button and blindly assume that in a matter of seconds, or less, our email will be delivered. But can you be sure? Will it get there as it should, in a matter of seconds, or might it get delayed somewhere along the way, or worse yet, might it get lost in some cyber digital black hole? Your communications are critical and need to be delivered fast.


Now, with Monitis Email Round Trip monitoring, you can have a tool that will let you be sure your email service is up and working as it should. Mikayel Vardanyan, General Manager at Monitis, said,  “Businesses expect fast and reliable email delivery processes as a primary means of communication to conduct daily activities.  It’s vital to ensure that email servers are meeting the desired availability and performance. Our Monitis Email Round-Trip Monitoring makes this possible without any hassle or effort from the system administrators.”


So go ahead and take the doubt and worry out of this. Simply get Email Round Trip monitoring and be confident and relaxed.


Setting up Monitis Email Round trip monitoring is easy and takes but a few moments of your time. System administrators simply need to specify the parameters and provide a test-email address. The test emails will then be sent at the interval you selected (1, 5, 15 or 20 minutes) and the servers will send a reply email back. If it’s not successful, an alert will be sent to the System Administrator. You can even set specific timeout thresholds so that if email is not processing within your desired time limit you will be alerted. And just like our other monitors, your Email Round Trip monitor will be right there on your dashboard. So if you are already a Monitis customer and need more detailed step by step instructions on setting up Email Round Trip, please click here. If you aren’t a Monitis customer yet, then sign up for our free trial service now.