Monitis Announces Dashboard Usability Improvements

Press Release

San Jose 03 August, 2009 Monitis Inc, a leading provider of enterprise-class systems management software as a service, today announces several significant performance and usability improvements for its real time web-based monitoring dashboard.

Monitis is always trying to make its systems monitoring service easier to understand and to use. Toward that end, Monitis is announcing several new features. A step-by-step program wizard will make it easier for novices to install the software, while the experienced users will find that it is now more productive. The wizard will guide users through external website, network, email, and VoIP monitoring settings. Many URLs can be added to the system and monitored at once by webmasters and administrators. In addition, multiple protocols (such as HTTP, FTP, SSH, POP3, and MySQL) can be added in one step if all are on the same server. The wizard will make the installation process easier to comprehend, and monitoring can now be set up within minutes.

Default graphical chart views have also been improved. Customers have frequently requested a continuous last 24 hour view, showing the previous 24 hours metrics instead of just the current day’s view. It will show round-the-clock performance and allow the customers to analyze performance degradation. When a customer opens the system in the morning, he can check the complete previous night’s performance. Chart refreshes have also been optimized so that the last data will be shown in real-time without any visible refreshing of the chart. Monitis will thus be more lightweight and will consume less memory while improving overall application performance, a frequently expressed customer complaint.

According to Monitis CEO Hovhannes Avoyan, the company’s largest priority is to make their web-based dashboard easier to use and make it perform better in real time. “We are running customer surveys every couple of months, and these two improvements were highlighted by our customers as top priority ones. We are committed to make the user experience as smooth as possible,” Avoyan said. Users have recently been introduced to many exciting and novel improvements and more are set to come by summer’s end.

About Monitis Performance Monitor

Monitis Performance Monitor is an industry leading comprehensive, affordable, scalable, fault and performance management platform.  Monitis Performance Monitor monitors, collects and analyzes information from websites, servers, routers, switches, VoIP devices, DNS, databases, processes and any other IP devices providing users with a comprehensive view of their system health.  Open sourced Monitis plug-in with powerful API’s allow users to extend Monitis powerful monitoring and management capabilities.  Users can be assured of always on reliable service as Monitis Performance Monitor is deployed across the world providing resilient service.

About Monitis

Monitis is a leading provider of affordable performance monitoring and management solution. More than 50,000 customers spanning small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and education institutions have chosen Monitis to reduce system downtime, improve IT administrator productivity, and reduce operational expenditure.  Monitis is radically changing system monitoring and management landscape by providing easy to use, affordable, flexible (deployment configurations include: shared, internal cloud and external cloud), and simple to manage SaaS performance monitoring and management solution. For more information, please visit

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