Monitis Adds Real User Monitoring


Monitis is happy to announce the addition of Real User Monitoring to its suite of premium enterprise services! Being able to determine exactly how your real users experience your website is a critical need of every business and it is exactly what you get with Real User Monitoring. You can see exactly how your customers behave on your site by examining specific data regarding; total page visits, most popular pages, page load times, browser performance, OS performance, device performance and where your customers are coming from. It is a tool that will enable you to determine if their experience is fast, crisp and effective for your business goals. It will also empower you in that you will be able to quickly identify areas of performance excellence as well as areas of performance concerns. When you log into your Monitis dashboard  Real User Monitoring is there for you so you will always have a clear view of what is going on.


On the screenshot below you can easily see the “overall” performance of the most critical areas being measured by RUM.




But RUM is more than just a snapshot of the overall information shown, much more. Each of the additional tabs allows you to drill down to the specifics of each area and see in fine detail how your website is performing and where it may not be performing so well. By shifting to the Performance tab you gain the added detail of the load time consumed by the 3 major components; front-end, back-end and network. We give you the ability to view this performance information in either a combined view that displays all 3 components or you can shift to the detailed view and see the detailed performance of each area individually. And by clicking on any of these components you can drill down even further, as seen in the list below:



  1. Redirect – time spent in redirects
  2. DNS – time spent in DNS lookup
  3.  Connect –  time spent in connecting to DNS


  1. Send – time spent on sending data to back-end
  2. Receive – time spent on receiving data from back-end


  1. DOM –  time spent in the browser parsing and interpreting the HTML
  2. Page Rendering – time spent in the browser rendering the page


As you continue to move through the features of RUM, you will also be able to easily see total page visits as well as the most popular pages. You will be able to see how long it took  pages in total to build and also how long it took specific pages to build. As we all know, it is supremely important to have a website that has fast page builds or else you will suffer the fate of frustrating your users and they will leave you and find what they are looking for somewhere else.


It is also very important to know that your page loads are fast and efficient when used from different browsers, with different devices (PC, tablet, mobile) and with different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac). With Monitis RUM you get all of this. With this depth of information, collected from the real users, you are able to analyze the actual performance of the myriad combinations of all your website visitors. This way you can be sure that the visitor using a PC running on Mac and using Safari has just as good an experience as the visitor coming to your website using a tablet running on  Windows and using Firefox.


While the internet is a global reality it is also a reality that it doesn’t always perform the same at different points on the globe. With Monitis Real User Monitoring you will be able to determine not only where your visitors are coming from but you will also be able to see what their specific page load times were. You want to be sure that your customers in all the various corners of the globe all have the same superlative experience when they visit your website… and now you can make sure that happens.


For more information on Monitis Real User Monitoring please visit us here.




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