Monitis Adds Apache Tomcat Monitor

Monitis Adds Apache Tomcat MonitorApache Tomcat is the one of the world’s most extensively used application servers and has nurtured along its reputation with application developers due to its lightweight nature and ease of use and by providing a commanding application platform with none of the price or difficulty of the traditional Java Enterprise Edition platforms.  Monitis is proud to announce the significant addition to its’ list of Cloud based monitoring services today with the release of our Apache Tomcat Monitor.  By adding the Tomcat monitor to your dashboard you will gain a new level of visibility into your server farm and thus be able to view performance and detect issues quickly. 


As you know, the Tomcat server provides robust capabilities as well as extensive customization capabilities, thus why is has become such a popular application platform. The  benefits of Tomcat Server are significant but the major ones are;


  • Price – The price to benefit ratio couldn’t get any better. Tomcat is the result of open source collaboration and involvement of a huge number ofdevelopers and is accessible from the Apache Web site at the best possible price – $0.00


  • Simplicity – Apache Tomcat is an eloquent product and the implementation of Tomcat server is simplistic yet tremendously efficient.


These two points combined with the overall stability of it make it a very wise decision. It is very hard to find a better combination than; simple, stable and free.


With the Monitis Tomcat monitor you will be able to:

  • Look inside your Tomcat server and detect issues quickly
  • Optimize the availability of your Tomcat server and applications.
  • Get faster websites that perform better
  • Eliminate complexity and get a total visibility of your environments from your unified Monitis dashboard
  • Keep your clients happy ensuring the SLA


In previous articles we have offered you input on; 18 Java Tomcat Applications Optimization Tips and 21 Apache Tomcat Configuration Tips. By implementing the advice in these articles and combining it with the new Monitis Tomcat monitor you will reap all the benefits of Tomcat and optimize the overall performance of your existing architecture. Take advantage of these keys to success and start monitoring today.