Missed Any of our Changes Over The Last Three Months?


Here at Monitis, we’re on a mission to not only build the best product but also, at the same time, make it more user-friendly. We listen to your feedback and suggestions and take various steps to improve our services, tools and features to make YOUR life easier. In any given week, you can see a new feature or update in your Monitis dashboard. Here’s some of the stuff we’ve added since our last newsletter, three months ago. Stay-up-to-date and see all that we have to offer by reading about all our changes below:



Monitis’ industry leading Load Tester tool is now accessible directly from your dashboard with one simple click! Additionally, it offers new updated reports and a streamlined payment option that eliminates the need for you to re-enter payment information with every transaction. You can make a payment using your credit card or PayPal. See how this can be helpful>




Extended MySQL – We’ve extended our MySQL uptime monitor to better support databases on shared hosting. Now, you’ll be able to monitor your hosted database even if you don’t have access to the entire MySQL server.  Details here>


Tomcat Monitor – We’re happy to announce the release of our new Tomcat Monitor. Like everything else we develop at Monitis, it’s designed to eliminate complexity and provide easy end-to-end monitoring for our users.  With the Monitis Tomcat monitor, you can easily track Traffic, processed by the Tomcat server, Average response time, Server uptime, Error and Response count, Thread and memory usage metrics, and more.  For information on getting started, check out our Monitis Support Site, or contact us.



Monitis recently released an updated version of both Linux and Windows agents with simplified configuration, significantly improved flows and UI for both.

Also, in order to support Wget, direct links to agent download are now available from your Monitis dashboard.




Free Full-Page Load and Traceroute – Your uptime and ping monitors can now receive FREE access to our Full Page Load and Traceroute services with our one time offer accessible through your module’s menu. These tools will allow you to collect data, analyze information and optimize website performance. Read more>




Consolidated HELP Dialog – Instead of looking for different answers in different places, we have now included all help related information in one centralized location. Just go to your Dashboard and click on the “HELP” button, located on the bottom of your left toolbar, to submit requests, find contact information, FAQ’s and more. Here it is>


User Voice – We’re right now in the process of rolling out the popular User Voice service, that’s intended to get balanced customers feedback and identify most popular features customers would like us to implement. If you haven’t yet found this feature in your dashboard, you’ll definitely have it in several days. See how it works>



This cool new feature allows you to view the health status of the global network of locations, which is where we perform our monitor services from. You can use the check-in analyzing alerts that we send you to make sure that downtime wasn’t caused by a server outage on our network.  Take a look> 


We’ve also added 3 new monitoring locations to our global network – that’s India, Hong Kong and Vienna. These locations support your uptime, transaction and full page load monitoring needs.




Invoices List Redesign – We have redesigned the Invoice list and have added it to the “Profile” dialog! The invoices will now be presented in monthly or yearly format, depending on your plan. Take a look>


Outage Report Update -Tracking activity and understanding what happened when is much easier with the Outage reports. In the new report, the time of the outage will now automatically reflect your time zone, as opposed to the previous report version which always referenced GMT.


Calendar Usability Update – If you need to select a number of specific dates for a monitor, you will no longer be required to spend a lot of time making these changes from your module’s option menu. The new calendar allows you to select your first date (“Today” or “Specific Date”), and use the convenient arrows to navigate back and forth directly from your module.