Making and Sharing Reports

When designing the Reports module, we set out to do two things:

1) Eliminate the hassles and bottlenecks inherent in software-based monitoring systems and

2) Utilize the cloud to come up with innovative ways of creating and sharing reports.Our interactive Ajax dashboard makes it possible to add standard or custom reports in just a few clicks, without loading multiple pages.  Let’s walk through adding a report that shows daily performance for the previous month for a url’s uptime.

1) Go to Add Report>External at the top.screenshot001.png

2) Select the monitor(s) to be included in the report and the time period.  You can select one, several, or all of your monitors.screenshot0021.png

3) The report will immediately appear on your dashboard.  You can view the data in a table, line chart, bar chart, or interactive calendar.  In settings you can set SLA thresholds and make the report public.  Public reports are under a separate url accessible by anyone you share the link with.  You can customize them with your own logo.  For this example we’ll use Fabio as our logo:
That’s not the only way to share reports.  You can also put several reports into a new tab and use the Share Page feature.  That will create a link to a read-only, interactive version of the tab, giving anyone in your organization a view of daily, weekly, or monthly data for the websites, servers or applications you want to share.  You can always destroy and recreate these links.

On top of all of that, we also email daily or weekly reports that summarize your IT infrastructure, including internal and external monitoring.  We’re working on some new report formats so stay tuned.

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