Load Test and Be Sure Your Website is Ready

Load Test and Be Sure Your Website is Ready



Your website is up and running and everything is chugging along nicely. Pages load quickly and your customers are happy and life is all rosy. You are sitting back and taking a well-deserved breath in the normally hectic day in IT ops. Then all of a sudden your calm is shattered by call after call from the marketing and sales people screaming that the website is down and customers are screaming. What could have gone wrong? After a quick look you have determined that the normal traffic levels have suddenly doubled and the few site visitors getting through are creeping along at a snails pace and dropping off one after another.


Sound familiar? You would be surprised how many times we hear this exact story and the sad part is that it is all preventable. On Black Friday and Superbowl Sunday we hear the horror stories of the sites that crashed because they weren’t prepared for the traffic increases they should have expected. Stores like – Coke, GoDaddy, HP, BestBuy, Nordstroms, Tesco, PCWorld and Boots – to name just a few. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a thing that happens on these mega days. Sadly it happens all the time. When the USA government launched the much anticipated Healthcare.gov site for the Obama-care sign ups it was almost instantly buried under the traffic.



load test
How could it have been prevented? By load testing the sites to make sure they could handle the traffic they were wanting and expecting. Every website should be periodically performing load tests to see just how much traffic they are prepared to handle, and handle in a fast and efficient manner. Those last few words are so important. It isn’t good enough that your customers get to your website, they need to be able to move through it and make the transactions you are so eager to get. So Load Testing by itself is good, and in some cases is sufficient, but the reality of today is that Load Testing needs to be able to do 2 things; it needs to stress your site AND it needs to test the transaction level load carrying capabilities. If your visitors get to your site but then can’t complete a transaction it is bad for you both. You lose the sale and they are so frustrated and annoyed that you may never see them again.


Monitis Load Tester has exactly these dual capabilities. In standard Load Tester use you have the ability to stress your website with high levels of traffic and determine what your sites breaking point it. In the configuration for starting Load Tester you can select up to 5 diverse geographic locations that will then start hitting your website with up to 2,000 virtual visitors from each location. This equates to 10,000 simultaneous virtual visitors (obviously you can test and tress your site at lower levels) and the test can be run for anywhere from 5 minutes up to 10 hours. You can see a sample page of the report you will receive below.



load tester report


Establishing your website’s ability to handle the landing page stress will keep you and your company off of the “Wall of Shame” of companies that didn’t test when they should have and didn’t take the steps necessary.


So why not take a few minutes and come visit us at Monitis and sign up for a 15 day free trial. You can try out all of our monitoring services and can of course try out our Load Tester and see what traffic levels your site can handle.


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