Lecture Me on the Cloud

I have been writing a lot lately about  the beauty of the cloud for schools and universities, and how many schools are converting apps to the cloud — apps as diverse as course management tools and e-mail — not just to save money, use fewer computing resources (or use them more efficiently), but also to improve levels of service to students, staff and the public.

But I think that, having gone through University myself, and remembering the struggle to get there on the worst weather days of the year (so I could meet my course requirements and graduate), I find it almost a miracle that the cloud today provides opportunities to learn in comfort — that is, from home.

On Tuesday, June 22nd, at 2 pm EDT and 11 am PDT, make sure to catch a webinar on how Baylor University is benefiting from capturing its lectures using a fully automated cloud tool.

Baylor is enjoying these benefits:

– No need to install, manage or maintain servers or a classroom-based appliance
– Fully-automated for instructors and IT
– Lower total cost of ownership
– Virtually unlimited scalability
– Available to deliver classes in the event of a disaster

Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), as more and more schools turn to cloud apps to conduct learning or just administer themselves more efficiently, they’ll need reliable third-party tools to help them ensure that their email programs and lectures are up and running and available when students and faculty need them.

That’s why Monitis offers the Academic Plan, a special monitoring program for schools — with special pricing — allowing any size educational institution to afford cloud-based monitoring of apps and site transactions.  Check out Monitis’s Academic Plan now!

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