Keep Customers Happy and Load Test to Keep Sites Running Smoothly

I can tell you this from talking day to day with companies looking to give their web businesses an edge: they are not happy with the technology that’s supporting their sites during all-important peak traffic periods, for instance during the holiday season or a special promotion.

How unhappy? I read about a recent survey that said nearly three-quarters of online shoppers experienced poor performance during peak periods compared to other times. And of those:

  • 72% reported slower websites
  • 58% reported errors on web pages
  • and more than half said they couldn’t complete their transactions

Whether you’re selling widgets to other businesses or lipstick to consumers, these numbers aren’t good. You want your site to run smoothly especially during peak traffic periods. It’s a given that’ll run like clockwork during normal or slow traffic periods.

What’s worse, the survey said that more than three-quarters who had problems abandoned a site for a competitor, and then most (88%) wouldn’t return, after a bad experience. And what’s even more worrisome, given how powerful social media tools can make or break a product, service or company these days, look at these findings:

After a poor experience…

  • Nearly half left feeling negative about the company
  • 42% discussed it either with friends or online

Heavy user traffic is never a bad thing, unless your web system is under too much stress.  WebLoadTester will help you determine how your system responds to that traffic.  You can use the service at any time, day or night, to ensure that your websites and applications are ready for an army of visitors – whenever they arrive.

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