Java – an Application in its own right for the Cloud

It’s almost a given that everybody in the IT industry knows the name “,” a company that offers online customer relationship management solutions. Likewise, another popular name in the tech industry is VMware, an EMC subsidiary that creates virtualization technology enabling multiple OSs to run at the same time – and on the same computer – for greater operational flexibility.

Well, now the two companies have partnered and created an entity known as VMforce, a cloud-based service for running Java applications. VMforce will debut later this year.

Why is this so noteworthy? Because this represents a movement in the direction of a general-purpose cloud computing foundation in which customers can run their own programs. Beforehand, offered a Java-like language (known as Apex) for such services.

Other cloud providers that have stepped up to the Java plate are Google’s App engine and Microsoft Azure. Both let customers run their own programs.

Recognizing this trend and need among customers, we at Monitis earlier this month introduced Java Application monitoring. The new service enables IT managers to monitor any Java-based service with JMX hooks from the cloud. This means that users can not only see inside a production Java (also JRuby) application deployed in a cloud or in a datacenter, but users can monitor these processes from anywhere at any time.

With this new addition Monitis has become like a true Swiss army knife for IT administrators. Our host of useful tools in one simple easy-to-use package is configurable in five minutes and requires zero maintenance efforts.

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