IT Staff Fear the Cloud?

This is a short one:

I read about a new survey that suggests a huge difference of opinion among IT managers about the cloud and IT staff.  One of the findings is very interesting — that IT staff are far less enthusiastic about the cloud than their bosses.

In the poll, 40% of upper-level managers say their organizations are currently using cloud services or will within the next two years. That compares to less than one-third of middle managers and only 20% of staffers. Yet, when  asked to respond to the statement, ” my organization has no plans to evaluate cloud services,” only 12% of upper managers agreed. On the other hand, 22% of middle managers did, and 39% of IT staffers.

Somebody’s not talking to someone here.

Stop Stressing; Let Monitis Worry

Stop Stressing; Let Monitis Worry for You

IT staffers can stop worrying about cloud computing being the death knell for their jobs. Because the survey results don’t support that theory.  Two-thirds of respondents say they’ve seen no change in IT staffing levels as a result of adoption of cloud services.

I say that this survey speaks to the need for IT management to reveal their cloud computing plans with IT staff in order to calm their fears. After all, team spirit and collaboration can all be affected by suspicion and a lack of communication.

True, there are some services, such as cloud-based monitoring, that take a lot of the manual work and repetition out of IT management, but they typically free up IT staff to do more strategic things, such as planning for future capacity, budgeting and other tasks. Cloud services are a blessing rather than a threat, and IT workers need to hear that more often.

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