Internet Service Providers Ranking by Uptime and Availability

Our community was frequently called upon to perform a research on uptime and availability of different web hosting providers. We were waiting to collect a sufficient amount of data and gain larger coverage before publishing such a report. Now we are ready to do this and we hope that it will be useful to our users.

Considering the amount of websites we are monitoring, we selected sites that belong to large Internet Service Providers (ISP). It was interesting for us to analyze which ISPs are the most popular providers for our community. The top 20 hosting providers are listed bellow. The Test Count column shows how many tests (typically 1 test = 1 website) were added toMonitis by our users.

20 Most Popular ISPs on MonitisInternet Service Providers Ranking by Uptime and Availability

The most popular providers were New Dream Network (, The Planet (, and 1&1 Internet ( or, followed by Everyone’s Internet ( and GoDaddy (

Next, for the top 60 most popular ISPs we performed further analysis. In our research we includes only providers with at least 40 websites we are monitoring. We calculated consolidated uptime of all the sites that belong to each of these ISPs. The table bellow shows uptimes measured in May, 2007 per 20 top web hosting providers sorted from best to worst:

Top 20 High Uptime ISPs (May, 2007)
Internet Service Providers Ranking by Uptime and Availability

1&1 Internet was on top in May ( , followed by CrystalTech ( , Dedibox ( and MediaTemple ( Certainly uptime for each individual site depends on many factors, but consolidated uptime for all websites/blogs for a particular hosting provider demonstrates ISP’s service quality.

We analyzed an aggregated response time averaged for all hosts per each hosting provider. Following is the list of Top 20 hosting providers:

Top 20 Fastest ISPs (May, 2007)

Internet Service Providers Ranking by Uptime and Availability
Ranked highest in this list were Hetzner Online (, LeaseWeb (www.leaseweb), HostForWeb (, Strato ( and pair Networks ( Again, the response per individual site depends heavily on several parameters such as hardware, application, OS, etc. But statistically consolidated performance also shows how well an ISP is connected to the Internet.

There were companies which are both in top 20 Uptime and Fastest ISP lists:

We are going to publish similar reports periodically. The more our users add sites for monitoring, the better coverage we will provide in our research. I hope our community will find them useful. We invite you to discuss our findings via our forums. Our images can also be freely used (provided you post the Monitis logo and there is a link to our site).

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