Internal monitoring notifications are enabled

Couple of months later after the introduction of notification rules mechanism for external monitors, Monitis Team is happy to announce a similar notifications mechanism for internal monitors. Unlike external monitors, where failure is defined as a site availability problem, in case of internal monitoring the failure depends on many different resources of the server, such as CPU, Memory, Drive, Processes, etc. So in case of internal monitoring users should specify limits(thresholds). When any of the specified limits reach the corresponding threshold notification could be sent. Further, after the value is normalized, corresponding recovery notification is sent. Below you can see some examples of thresholds and specification of internal monitoring rules:

Add Internal Agent

You can see the same popups as it is shown above when adding Internal Monitor with the list of parameters(limits) specific to each type of monitored resource. If you don’t specify these parameters during the addition, you can do that later from each module’s edit mode. In order to receive notifications in case of any of your setup parameters reached their thresholds, you should setup rules(specify contacts notifications should be sent to and several other options). Rules popup is automatically presented after clicking on the “Add” button and has the following view:

Internal notifications

In the header of the popup you can see the name you specified for this monitor, and below you can specify the contacts and other notification related parameters for this monitor. You can also skip the setup of notifications and do that later by going to edit the mode of the corresponding monitor.

After you have done correctly all the above mentioned steps, you will start receiving notifications, every time your server has any internal problems.

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