DevOps Adoption Shortens Production Cycle By 2.5X [Infographic]

We live in a world of rapidly changing technology and continual innovations. IT companies need to respond by delivering their products and applications as fast as possible and at the same time be sure that the products deliver the users the greatest efficiency possible. This never ending challenge, sooner or later, drives them to adopt the philosophy and disciplines of DevOps.


DevOps has become one of the wildly discussed topics of modern tech processes. In essence, it is an effective collaboration and communication strategy between IT company branches- Development, QA and Operations. DevOps is seeing ever increasing adoption year to year because it considerably shortens the production cycle while securing an efficient workflow.


Refer to the infographic below to discover the main benefits of utilizing DevOps, such as; fast production cycle times, cost savings, improved quality and higher efficiency. For a more detailed discussion of DevOps please go to Top 5 Things to know about DevOps.



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