Application Performance Issue Is A Business Issue [Infographic]

Application issues, downtimes and outages are the responsibility of IT to resolve. However, at the end of the day they are, essentially, business issues.

Businesses compete for customers online everyday and the latter are not a patient bunch. Every second of your web application performance counts building up or taking away both revenue and brand reputation. There’s always a risk that even though your application may appear to be working fine, its flow’s key parts, such as shopping carts, registration pages, etc. may not be functioning properly. So it’s critical to have a full controll across the entire application delivery chain. With Node.js, MySQL, Oracle, Java/JMX, Log, and Tomcat application monitors, you can track your app’s performance bottom-up.

Check out the infographic below to see for yourself what it takes to have a sloppy application and how to take measures not to let your app issues grow into business issues.

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