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Monitis-updates-1Whatever you are working on, it is critical you have the right tools to do the job. It doesn’t matter if you are repairing your car, building a house or working in your garden. If you want the best results in the shortest amount of time, then you need the right tools. When monitoring the performance of your website and servers the same is true, you need to have as many tools at your disposal as is possible. By having the right tools, at the right time and using them as you need them you will be in the best possible position to get accurate results quickly. The right tools aid you in isolating and resolving troubles in short order and doing accurate and fast root cause analysis.  Monitis has three tools that can be of great assistance and value to you; full page load, traceroute and health status.


Full-page load enables you to run a test that allows you to test all the elements of your webpage simultaneously and we do this for you from three globally diverse locations. You get the advantage of understanding how your website is behaving and what kind of experience your users are having. Be aware though that this free tool is a snapshot on a time by time basis. If you need our more dynamic tool you can use our standard full page load monitor that includes history, but is at an additional cost.





Our Traceroute service is a sharp tool that provides you with a visual virtual map of how we get to your server to test from our monitoring location. You will see a visual display of the route geographically displaying every “server hop” from us to you. This will assist you in identifying where the route may have failed.



Health status service will allow you check the health status of all our global service monitor locations. By providing you with this visibility it will assist you when you receive a service notification from us by allowing you to verify the health status of our network as you isolate the root cause of the trouble. To get started simply go to the Tools on your dashboard and click on “Monitis Health Status” and is available to all of our paying customers.


Health Status


Monitis is proud to offer you these helpful tools, happy monitoring!!!


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