How to Manipulate Your Options

Options are grouped under the three different tabs: General Settings, Skins, Profile. Changes done in Options will affect all your pages.

General SettingsUnder this tab the general settings are grouped into several categories.

Layout – You may organize your pages layout via selecting the appropriate radiobutton from the suggested options in Autolayout or specify the number of columns. If you want to change the layout for one page you may use small menu next to each page.

Modules – If Display Icons is checked, the icons on the modules title bars will be visible all the time otherwise only if you hold the mouse cursor on the title bar, you may see those icons. By default the Dispaly Icons option is unchecked.If you want to set one scale for all your tests, select the Static option and specify max scale for your graphics. This might be useful when you want to compare different tests’ performance. You may also specify dynamic or static scaling for a particular test as it is described in .

SkinsSelect  skin for your pages simply clicking on the desired icon.
ProfileYou may update your price plan via clicking on the appropriate button. In the next step type your monitis account password and you will be redirected to the Paypal page.

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