Monthly Uptime Reports

1. How to generate reports for your tests

You can generate Monthly Uptime reports to already added external or internal monitors. To generate the reports click on the Availability Reports link and in the opened window select the report interval, view and also define the report type: tag or test and select the appropriate name.

Two types of intervals are suggested to the user to choose: current month and previous month. You may create a report on either for particular tag name or a particular test. Tag option will be a report performance of all the tests grouped under the selected tag name, while later will consider only performance for the selected test.

Give name to your report and press on the add to save module on your workspace. If you delete report from your workspace, Reports can be found from the Saved Modules menu under the Reports link. Click on that link and select the Availability Report option from the drop down menu to see the list of added reports.

In the calendar it shows in green days when uptime was above the defined SLA. On mouse over a particular date is shows uptime for that date.

2. How to edit Reports

If you do not have report on your current page or you have closed it move/open report module into your current page, then press on the Edit icon. You can change the report name and set SLA for it. When the appropriate changes are done, click on the Apply button to save them.

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