How Internal Monitoring Works

Provisioning both external availability and internal systems performance monitoring is one of key differentiators for Monitis. For internal monitoring Monitis provides downloadable agents which could be installed anywhere within client network. They will submit data to Monitis Central Server for storage, access and notification. When installed within corporate firewall, agents will communicate with the central server for user authentication and will check which tasks were assigned to them. Agents will use HTTPS so no need to change anything on firewall. Users (e.g. IT specialist like system or network administrators) can see a list of installed agents on Monitis web dashboards, and can remotely monitor server, network or intranet applications. Agent polls the server on regular intervals and when got a new monitoring task they start doing new probes. The Agent performance data transmitted over the internet to the Central Server can be watched in real time. The overall process of setting the agent and receiving performance metrics takes a few minutes. In contrast to software approach, with hosted service IT specialists don’t need to worry about having a dedicated server, database, notifications setup etc.

Agents are available for Windows, Linux and Sun Solaris platform. Agents can be installed on any user desktop and will not consume much CPU, memory and bandwidth and can co-exist with other applications. When installed, they can not only monitor the desktop or server they installed, but also any device in their neighborhood. Agents use ping, http, SNMP and WMI for monitoring intranets and they can also deliver CPU, memory, process and disk usage metrics.

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