Hackathon is Off and Running

intense-in-the-moment-300x200.jpgIn June of 1999 Sun coined the phrase “Hackathon” at a JavaOne Conference where developers, programmers and other techies were challenged to develop a specific program in the period of a few days. Over the past 14 years hackathons have spread around the globe. This morning “Friday 13 Crazy Hackathon” (with Monitis as one of the sponsors)was kicked off and a roomful of the best and brightest picked up the gauntlet of heated competition to create the best program/ap in a 24 hour period. The code was flying and the keyboards were clicking as the geeky minds began their race

As I walked through the room I could hear the mumbling of frustration mingled with the slapping of backs as the teams tried this and tried that. The challenge before these teams was to complete the assigned project within the next 24 hours. Project areas included things like;  HeartBeat, LiveEvent Curation, Health GPS, Wordpress Plugin and Chrome Extension for Curation,  Video Collage and Mobile Agent for Monitis. In addition to the ones just listed there was a contingent of gamers working furiously on entertaining programs with the ever popular Jungle and Zombie themes. Scroll down and see a pictoral of the current activities.


working hard

Working hard and hoping for the best.

Happy bTeam - Let's see them in the morning

They look happy now, let’s see how they look after 24 hours.


Seriously guys – maybe you need someone with a bit less caffeine.

should we be scared

Okay, maybe not Mad Scientists… but Mad coders is just as scary.

playing with legos

Isn’t that nice, they let him bring his Lego’s.

uhoh - holy roadblock

“HOLY ROADBLOCK!!”  Screams Robin to Batman

thinking hard

Are the answers written on the ceiling?


As I left the room this afternoon I heard one developer, as he knelt on the floor, sobbing out “Code, code, my country for a code!!!” As we see, the pressure to win is extreme. By tomorrow morning we will see the results of their hard work as the winner is crowned.



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