Google Doc Use Growing

Look over your shoulder Microsoft! I read recently that research firm IDC in July conducted a poll of 262 corporate executives and found that almost 20% said that their organizations used Google Docs widely. That represents an increase from only about 6% who said so in October 2007. That’s impressive.

The study foresaw that Google Docs can expect further growth, too. More than one-quarter polled said they were either already using Google Docs or expected to be doing so in the coming year.

Google Apps Premium is Google’s paid suite of online applications for businesses – including Google Docs, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Sites, and Gmail.

Still, in the poll, 97% said they were also using one or more versions of Microsoft Office at their companies.

While it looks like Google has a long way to go before it catches up with Microsoft Office, the study shows, too, that end-users continue to embrace virtual computing. Interesting to note. You can read more about IDC’s survey here.

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