Good news! We’re on Google Apps Marketplace

Monitis is signed on and listed with Google Apps Marketplace, which the company introduced earlier this month.

It feels good to be listed on the Google Marketplace, and we’re in the company of about 50 providers (so far) who will benefit and serve everybody from individuals running businesses from small and home offices (SOHOs), to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). We’re listed right up there with Google’s own suite of applications, Gmail, Calendar, and Docs. Services range from business-from accounting to mailing lists to task management. The applications integrate with Google Apps using open protocols.

What I especially like about Google Apps (and this is a key difference with Microsoft Office) is Google’s ability to access all data from any program. Google has a universal navigation bar that gets added to your browser for one-click access, otherwise known as “contextual integration,” for login – and then access to every application in your cloud.

Browsing the Marketplace? You can find us under “Admin tools.” Check out Monitis!

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