GoDaddy stopped our e-mails

We were hosting our servers on Godaddy and were using Godaddy SMTP relay service for sending alert emails and reports. Today we received the following message:


Your hosting server will be unable to send an email until the daily SMTP relay limit is reset. The daily SMTP relay limit is reset on all accounts at midnight MST.

Although we use different providers, this is the first time we saw such a message. We sent a request to the organization 12 hours ago and have heard no reply yet.

We are very sorry, but today some emails will be delivered later than expected until the limit is reset. I hope our customers also use IM and SMS as alternative channels. BTW we just enabled our users to buy extra SMS as needed – pure coincidence 🙂 – and actually reach the limit because were sending announcement emails.

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  • lacrosseboy

    You shouldn’t be surprise by GoDaddy’s lack of technical support or anything else they do or don’t do. The only word that comes to mind with GoDaddy is “awful” and you get want to pay for, nothing.

  • Dev Chandrasekhar

    I faced the same issue when I had a dedicated mail server at GoDaddy. At the time of buying the server, the SMTP relay limited is set to a default monthly limit. All you have to do tell them to increase it. I did that and even asked them to set the port to 100 Mbps. They did it in a few hours.

    Also appreciate that very few dedicated server hosts allow you use their SMTP relay for YOUR servers. Setting relay limits is common to all outsourced relay providers.

    It doesn’t take a few minutes to set your own SMTP or POP server. I’m surprised Monitis does not have its own.

  • Mikayel

    Hi Wit,

    Thx for offer, we already resolved an issues with e-mail, but we are interested in location in Bangladesh, please let me know how can we arrange that. Thx

  • This is a problem we’ve encountered as well. All you can do is wait until they reset the server and you can continue to send out a limit, maybe you should consider a new provider?

  • I’ve been facing the same problem with my hosting provider, I guess we both have to wait until 12:00 clock nightly :), interesting article though, has your problem been fixed since then?

  • I was wondering if GoDaddy is a good web hosting provider to go for after all the advertising and commercials i’v seen for it.

  • adi

    godaddy sux, are much better.