Facebook experiencing outage

Facebook experiencing outageSo Facebook, the world’s most popular social network, experienced a major outage for almost 2 hours yesterday. OMG!

The social networking behemoth was unavailable for users in many countries around the world; with North American users coming off the worst with the longest outage totaling almost 3 hours. While the site continued to function for short intervals during the outage, sporadic access to a site that millions of users access every minute is pretty disastrous.

According to Monitis monitors, the longest consecutive period that Facebook was unavailable in the US was for 63 minutes, while the shortest outage appears to have been observed in Spain at a total time of 50 minutes.

Facebook experiencing outage

As you may well know Facebook’s main revenue source comes from advertising and, for an organization so huge, this outage could have caused a loss in advertising revenue of many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Let’s take a look at the numbers!

At Monitis we are using Facebook as a benchmark for testing locations for our web and cloud monitoring software. We detected this outage from our testing and, while we can’t be precise, we’ve worked out some interesting numbers that are sure to raise a few eyebrows at Facebook’s HQ. Take a look at what sort of impact this may have had:

  • 71,410,000 Facebook messages were not sent
  • 9,690,000 status updates could not be published
  • 8,160,000 wall posts could not broadcast
  • 5,100,000 links were not shared
  • And finally, 51,000,000 comments were not shared

While Facebook was down, Netizens produced a record number of tweets and blog posts that covered Facebook’s downtime. When we last checked – that was roughly 575,000 blog posts.