Expect in September: SNMP, MySQL, Transactions and Surprises

We are going to have series of launches in September. There are many interesting features currently under beta testing or final development stage.

Particularly you may expect SNMP and MySQL external monitoring protocols to be added to our current paid plans. So in addition to our existing 11 protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, PING, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, UDP, TCP, TELNET and VoIP) we will provide quite a good coverage for different services remote checks.

Transaction Monitoring will be another major service we will start providing our users in September. It will allow monitoring not only a single page but the whole application flow for example login/logout flows, e-shop applications, Web and especially Web 2.0 services etc. Very much needed and requested service by our users.

Finally we are going to launch a completely new kind of web monitoring service which we will keep secret for now because of our competition, but expect an announcement from us somewhere in the middle of September. The people whom we provide the demos were very excited, so we hope you will like it too. Stay in touch!

Our paying users may contact us (info at monitis.com) to get early beta access to these new features.

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