Enhancements to report generation – more reporting periods

Until recently users were limited to creating reports only for current or previous months. At the same time the reports were limited only to daily data. Cause reporting is an essential part of any monitoring system and provides an insight into long-term results, Monitis Team decided to introduce an advanced reporting mechanism. Below we will go briefly through the stuff that was added to reporting mechanism. Period option is extended and now includes the following list of periods:


New Periods

As you can see Yearly, Monthly, Weekly periods are added, which means that reports interval is now extended for the whole year. Yearly report can be split by months or by weeks, which you can select as you can see below.



The other available reporting periods are Monthly-Daily(you can specify any month), Weekly-Daily(you can specify any week), Previous month, Current month.

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  • Nick

    Great Feature. Waited for that very long. But why you can’t implement also a From / To with a date? It would be so easy and just were as everywhere else. Pleeeaaaasss….
    I’m not always in front of my monitor so i would love to have the possibility to have a weekly Report not only for the last week but for the week 2 month ago. Or a Montly report for 1.Dec – 31.march
    Thanks in Advanced