Enhanced Load Tester: Try it for FREE!


Don’t have doubts! Load test your site for FREE and see how it works.


Load tester


We’re happy to re-introduce our industry leading Web Load Tester Tool, which has just got even better!


Integrated into the Monitis dashboard and revamped to better measure your website and servers potential, Load Tester’s on-demand, pay-as-you-go tool enables you to:


– Simulate user activity to find out how many users your site can accommodate

– Keep a more watchful eye on your sales and your brand’s reputation- protecting both

– Optimize your site’s performance to increase e-commerce

– Prevent unwelcome surprises and stop wasting time fixing downtime related issues

–  More >>


Find the Load Tester under your “Tools” menu.

Try it for FREE today and expect the unexpected.


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